The Walking Dead Gifts Daryl Dixon Angel Wings Necklace

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Angel Wings Necklace

Daryl Dixon Angel Wings Necklace We all love AMC’s The Walking Dead, but sometimes many of the Walking Dead gifts are just a little too over the top for ordinary day to day left. Blood, guts and walker parts are fun, but sometimes you need to tone it down it a notch or two for […]
Walking Dead nutcracker Michonne's Pet Walking Dead Gift

Walking Dead Nutcracker: Michonne’s Pet

Michonne’s Pet Walking Dead Nutcracker   If you’re looking for the perfect unique Christmas or Holiday gift for any Walking Dead fan, this officially licensed Walking Dead Nutcracker may be the perfect gift choice. This 15 inch tall nutcracker from Kurt Adler features an adorable stylized version of one of Michonne’s Pet zombies in very […]
Walking Dead BANG! card game

The Walking Dead BANG! Card Game: Survivor Showdown

“A Shoot ‘em up game of strategy & suspense!” The Walking Dead Bang!: Survivor Showdown is a fun and fast paced shoot ‘em up style card game. In this game, 3-7 players fight to stay alive as they guide their favorite characters from The Walking Dead comic. Each player plays as a well known TWD […]
Walking Dead gifts games

The Walking Dead Yahtzee

The Walking Dead Yahtzee Game   This awesome gift idea combines the zombie gore of The Walking Dead with the fun of everyone’s favorite dice game, Yahtzee. This collector’s edition comes with everything you need to play classic style or “Battle Yahtzee.”  The all new Battle Yahtzee game play transports you into a post apocalyptic […]
Walking Dead T-shirt Always Use Protection

Daryl Dixon Always Use Protection T-shirt

Daryl Dixon Always Use Protection T-shirt   Daryl Dixon may be rough and rugged on the outside, but he’s also a caring guy that wants to protect those he cares about from harm.  That may involve silently and deftly killing walkers with a hunting knife or crossbow.  Sometimes it may mean issuing a public service […]
Daryl Dixon Plus Size T-shirt featured

Daryl Dixon Plus Size Sketch T-shirt

Daryl Dixon Plus Sized Sketch T-shirt]   Why should all the tiny beanpole Daryl Dixon fans get all the Walking Dead apparel love?  If you’re looking for the perfect plus size Daryl Dixon gift this just might be it!  This Daryl Dixon t-shirt features a black and  white greyscale sketch style image of Daryl Dixon […]
Walking Dead Arrow Heart Daryl Dixon T-shirt

Daryl Dixon Arrow Heart T-shirt

Daryl Dixon Arrow Heart and Angel Wing T-shirt When cupid’s arrow strikes, it usually hits hard. Millions of Walking Dead fans have fallen hard for Norman Reedus and his character on AMC’s hit television series, The Walking Dead.  Fan girls can now proclaim their love for Daryl Dixon with this Daryl Dixon Arrow Heart T-shirt. […]
Walking Dead Keep Calm and Kill Walkers T-Shirt

Keep Calm and Kill The Walkers – Walking Dead T-Shirt

Keep Calm and Kill The Walkers – Walking Dead T-shirt   One you’re trying to survive the zombie apocalypse one rule always remains in effect: Keep Calm and Kill Walkers.  This beautiful Walking Dead inspired t-shirt features the phrase, “Keep Calm And Kill The Walkers” along with silhouettes of Carl Grimes, Michonne, Daryl Dixon and […]
Walking Dead Rick Grimes Apron

Sheriff Rick Grimes Walking Dead Apron

Sheriff Rick Grimes Walking Dead Apron Let’s face it: the world is messy. Whether you’re spilling pasta sauce on Spaghetti Tuesdays, bashing walker skulls or just trying to bake some cookies for the kids, life can be pretty messy at times.  Protecting yourself with an apron is a great idea.  The problem is most aprons […]