Daryl Dixon Mrs. Dixon Walking Dead T-shirt

Mrs. Dixon Daryl Dixon T-shirt

Mrs. Dixon Daryl Dixon Women’s T-shirt Do you love Daryl Dixon? Are you Mrs. Dixon material? Show the world Daryl is taken with this Mrs. Dixon Daryl Dixon T-shirt.  This women’s fit tee features the words “Mrs. Dixon” in a distressed print style font. To erase any doubt of just which Dixon we’re talking about, […]
The Walking Dead Bitten Hat - Walking Dead gifts

Walking Dead Bitten Hat

The Walking Dead Bitten Hat Look awesome while showing your support for The Walking Dead with this Walking Dead Bitten Hat. This snapback baseball style cap features two toned coloring and an awesome bill with a bite taken out of it. This Walking Dead hat is 100% cotton and features a black back with a […]
I love the walking dead walking dead t-shirt featured image

I Love The Walking Dead T-shirt

Love The Dead T-shirt/Hoodie Show the world how much you care with this” I Love The Walking Dead” T-shirt. This shirt design features the phrase “I love (heart) The Walking Dead” with a pair of zombie hand forming the shape of a heart instead of the word “love.” The severed zombie hands have obviously been […]
The Walking Dead Comic Board Game Walking Dead Gifts

The Walking Dead The Board Game (Comic)

The Walking Dead The Board Game   This Walking Dead board game is based off of the comic. It transforms Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series in a fun and fast paced board game.  As a fan of the comic, you’ll love the opportunity to play as your favorite character. Choose from Rick, […]
Walking Dead Gifts T-shirts Carl Grimes Zombie

Carl Walker Grimes – Zombie Stale Kids T-shirt

Carl Walker Grimes Walking Dead T-shirt We have to admit, there have been a few times we may have secretly wished Carl would meet an untimely end to a walker on AMC’s The Walking Dead. He’s starting to grow on us now as he matures and we certainly don’t want to be on Rick’s bad […]
Walking Dead Keep Calm Follow Daryl Dixon T-shirt

Keep Calm and Follow Daryl Dixon T-shirt

Walking Dead t-shirt: Keep Calm and Follow Daryl Dixon He may be a bit moody, hard to read and have a checkered past, but everyone loves Daryl Dixon.  When it comes to protecting those he cares about and acting in the best interests of the group there are few men you can count on like […]
Zombie Head Letter Opener Walking Dead Gifts Michonne

The Walking Dead Zombie Head Letter Opener

The Walking Dead Michonne’s Sword Zombie Head Letter Opener Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  The bad news is the zombie apocalypse went down and the dead roam the earth. The Walking Dead threaten the very existence of the living.  The good news is the faithful Postal Service is still delivering bills […]
Just look at the flowers . . . and this awesome zombie t-shirt

“Lizzie’s Babysitting” Just Look at the Flowers – Walking Dead Ladies T-shirt

“Just Look at the Flowers”: T-shirt Design Detail: Lizzie’s Babysitting Walking Dead “Just Look at the Flowers T-shirt” We’ve heard all little girls are made of “sugar and spice and everything nice”.  This doesn’t apply when little girls are raised in a post zombie apocalyptic world.  Things change when the dead walk the earth.  Hard times create hardened men […]
Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Inspired T-shirt Dixon's Army Motorcyle Club tee

Daryl Dixon’s Army – Motorcyle Club Style T-shirt

Dixon’s Army Daryl Dixon T-shirt This Walking Dead inspired t-shirt is sure to please Daryl Dixon and Sons of Anarchy fans alike.  Done in a very cool motorcycle club style, this Daryl Dixion inspired t-shirt features an image of an evil skull with crosshairs on the forehead.  On the left side of the t-shirt design, two crossed crossbow bolts […]