If Daryl Dies We Riot Daryl Dixon Crossbow Mug

Walking Dead "If Daryl Dies We Riot" Crossbow Handle Coffee MugWalking Dead If Daryl Dies We Riot Crossbow Mug


Daryl Dixon fans are diehard. They’ll support Daryl Dixon until the end …society just better pray that end isn’t an untimely death of this beloved Walking Dead character.  Walking Dead fans can now show their support of Daryl Dixon while enjoying their morning coffee.

This gorgeous Walking Dead gift is sure to please any Daryl Dixon fan.   This officially licensed The Walking Dead collectible is a durable ceramic coffee mug featuring a metal crossbow styled handle. The mug has a large 15 ounce capacity.

The ceramic coffee mug features the phrase, “IF DARYL DIES WE RIOT” in white against a black and red blood splattered style background.  While this crossbow coffee mug is perfect for that crazy Daryl Dixon fan, it’s NOT perfect for your microwave. That’s because of the durable metal handle that looks just like a crossbow. As most of us know, metal doesn’t do so well in the microwave.

There’s another use for this splendid mug. If the folks at AMC are ever foolish enough to actually kill off Daryl Dixon you can always drink away your sorrows 15 ounces at a time with this officially licensed Walking Dead gift!

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