Walking Dead Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Walking Dead Zombie Head Cookie Jar

The Governor’s Victim Walking Dead Zombie Head Cookie Jar


Need the perfect finishing touch for your The Walking Dead themed kitchen?  Check out this awesome officially licensed “Governor’s Victim” Walking Dead cookie jar! Why? Because nothing says “Mmmm chocolate chip cookies” like zombie heads!

By now we all know the Governor had some pretty creepy secrets, one of which involved saving walker head trophies in aquariums.  We won’t judge him on whether the practice is right or wrong.  We just know it is one of our favorite parts of the comic and television show up to this point! Fortunately the Governor’s peculiar pastime has been captured in a very cool collectable cookie jar.

This amazing Walking Dead zombie Head Cookie Jar features an awesome decapitated walker head design inspired by the Governor’s fish tanks in the the hit TV series on AMC.

This Walking Dead Zombie Head Cookie jar is constructed of metal and measures approximately 8-1/2 inches tall by 6 inches in diameter.  It features a handle on the lid and makes the ideal Walking Dead gift for storing your food rations, cookies, spare change or pretty much any other small items you can think of.

Priced at just $15.99 this would make the ideal affordable Walking Dead gift for fans and collectors.  For additional information and ordering info, click the image or link above or the button below.  This unique item is sure to be a hit so we recommend ordering now before they’re gone!

Walking Dead Gifts - Zombie Head Cookie Jar


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