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Walking Dead Roleplay weapon Merle Dixon

Walking Dead Roleplay Weapon: Merle Dixon’s Knife Hand

Walking Dead Roleplay Weapon: Merle Dixon’s Knife Hand   Spoiler alert: When you’re a jerk and a threat to the group’s safety, Rick Grimes WILL handcuff you to a pipe on a roof.  When a bumbling survivor loses the key and stuff hits the fan you’ll be faced with a tough decision.  Merle decide to […]
The Walking Dead Zombie Merle Walker Merle Dixon Bobblehead

Zombie Merle Dixon Bobble Head

Walker Merle Dixon Bobble Head Maybe ole’ Merle Dixon wasn’t the nicest guy, especially toward the beginning of the Zombie apocalypse. Merle, just like his little brother, was a former bad guy that ended up turning a new leaf and finding redemption.  Many fans may think Merle got what he deserved in the end due to his checkered […]
Merle Dixon Walker Statue Gentle Giant

The Walking Dead Statue: Zombie Merle Dixon (Gentle Giant)

Merle Dixon Gentle Giant Walking Dead Walker Statue 1:4 scale   Somehow the formerly foul mouthed bigot, Merle Dixon managed to work his way into all of our hearts. We’ll admit, he was absolutely an abrasive and racist jerk in the beginning of the show.  In the end he turned into a somewhat loveable abrasive jerk that sought some sort of redemption […]
Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon action figure

The Walking Dead Daryl and Merle Dixon Action Figure 2 Set

The Walking Dead McFarlane Toys Daryl and Merle Dixon Action Figure: 2 Set   It’s the loveable Dixon duo! The Dixon brothers should be together forever. Thanks to this awesome Walking Dead Gift they can be!  The Walking Dead  Daryl Dixon action figure 2 pack features the both the Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon Walking Dead action figures from […]