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Zombie Head Letter Opener Walking Dead Gifts Michonne

The Walking Dead Zombie Head Letter Opener

The Walking Dead Michonne’s Sword Zombie Head Letter Opener Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  The bad news is the zombie apocalypse went down and the dead roam the earth. The Walking Dead threaten the very existence of the living.  The good news is the faithful Postal Service is still delivering bills […]
Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Statue Gentle Giant

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Statue – Gentle Giant

  The Walking Dead Gentle Giant Daryl Dixon 1:4 Statue (18″ tall)   Daryl Dixon fans can now rejoice! Mr. Dixon has received the proper statue treatment thanks to the geniuses at Gentle Giant Ltd. They’re bringing Daryl Dixon straight from your TV screen to your shelf with this incredibly detailed 1:4 scale Walking Dead statue. This Walking Dead […]
Merle Dixon Walker Statue Gentle Giant

The Walking Dead Statue: Zombie Merle Dixon (Gentle Giant)

Merle Dixon Gentle Giant Walking Dead Walker Statue 1:4 scale   Somehow the formerly foul mouthed bigot, Merle Dixon managed to work his way into all of our hearts. We’ll admit, he was absolutely an abrasive and racist jerk in the beginning of the show.  In the end he turned into a somewhat loveable abrasive jerk that sought some sort of redemption […]
Walking Dead gift Daryl Dixon Bloody Biker Pop Vinyl Figure

Bloody Biker Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figure

  Walking Dead Bloody Biker Daryl Dixon Pop! Vinyl Figure Sleeveless shirts are cool and all, but they don’t work well when the fall air gets chilly. They also don’t offer much protection from Walker bites and scratches.  Everyone knows Daryl Dixon is at his best with long hair, long sleeves and his biker vest.  What could be […]
Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Gifts Biker Pop Vinyl Figure

The Walking Dead Biker Daryl Dixon Pop Vinyl Figure

Walking Dead Pop Vinyl Figure Biker Daryl Dixon   Nothing says bad guy like long hair, hunting knives, crossbows and winged motorcycle vests.  No worries Daryl Dixon fans,  the Biker Daryl Dixon vinyl figure from Funko captures Daryl in just that level of biker awesomeness. Part of their Pop! vinyl toy line, this adorable The Walking […]

The Walking Dead Carl Grimes Mini Bust

Walking Dead Collectible Carl Grimes Mini Bust   Growing up is hard enough when you don’t have to worry about the dead that roam the earth.  We can’t imagine being a teenage in the zombie apocalypse. Watching the maturation and trials and tribulations of Carl Grimes is one of the most interesting aspect associated with […]