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Michonne Gifts

Ever since she first walked into the Walking Dead universe with a pair of pet zombies on chain leashes, Michonne has been a huge favorite. What’s not to love? This katana swinging walker definitely makes a grand entrance! It’s no wonder there are so many Michonne Walking Dead gifts and collectibles available.

If you’re searching for Michonne gifts you’re in the right place! We’ve collected a huge amount of Michonne gifts all in one spot. Whether you’re searching for a collectible Michonne Katana, a Michonne T-shirt, a Michonne action figure or more you’ll find these Michonne gifts and much more right here.

Walking Dead Collectible Enamel Pin Set

Walking Dead Collectible Enamel Pin Set: Series 1

Walking Dead Collectible Enamel Pin Set: Series 1 Looking for a Walking Dead gift for that fan that has everything? Check out this Walking Dead Collectible Enamel Pin Set. This first series includes a set of 4 stickback enamel pins with rubber backs. This set includes a walker, Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes and Michonne. These […]
Walking Dead Michonne Katana

Walking Dead Cosplay Weapon: Michonne’s Katana

Walking Dead Cosplay Weapon: Michonne’s Katana   If you’re putting together a Michonne cosplay costume on a budget, one of the most difficult parts is going to be her katana. Fortunately there are now highly detailed and very realistic officially licensed Walking Dead Roleplay Weapons available for purchase. Michonne’s Katana is one of our absolute […]
Walking Dead nutcracker Michonne's Pet Walking Dead Gift

Walking Dead Nutcracker: Michonne’s Pet

Michonne’s Pet Walking Dead Nutcracker   If you’re looking for the perfect unique Christmas or Holiday gift for any Walking Dead fan, this officially licensed Walking Dead Nutcracker may be the perfect gift choice. This 15 inch tall nutcracker from Kurt Adler features an adorable stylized version of one of Michonne’s Pet zombies in very […]
Walking Dead Keep Calm and Kill Walkers T-Shirt

Keep Calm and Kill The Walkers – Walking Dead T-Shirt

Keep Calm and Kill The Walkers – Walking Dead T-shirt   One you’re trying to survive the zombie apocalypse one rule always remains in effect: Keep Calm and Kill Walkers.  This beautiful Walking Dead inspired t-shirt features the phrase, “Keep Calm And Kill The Walkers” along with silhouettes of Carl Grimes, Michonne, Daryl Dixon and […]
Zombie Head Letter Opener Walking Dead Gifts Michonne

The Walking Dead Zombie Head Letter Opener

The Walking Dead Michonne’s Sword Zombie Head Letter Opener Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  The bad news is the zombie apocalypse went down and the dead roam the earth. The Walking Dead threaten the very existence of the living.  The good news is the faithful Postal Service is still delivering bills […]
Michonne Walking Dead Statue Gentle Giant

Michonne 1:18 Statue from Gentle Giant

    Michonne 1:18 Statue from Gentle Giant LTD: $399.00 When fans first heard a favorite character from the comic, Michonne, would be brought to life on the small screen the news was met with excitement and fear. Who would they choose? Is there any actress truly capable of capturing the amazing spirit of this […]
Walking Dead Michonne and pets Walking Dead Zombie Shirt

Walking Dead Michonne and Pet Zombies T-Shirt

  Michonne and Zombies T-Shirt   This  beautiful Walking Dead inspired  t-shirt is inspired by The Walking Dead’s hooded, katana wielding Michonne. This great Walking Dead gift is a comfortable black t-shirt featuring a white image of Michonne walking her pet zombies.  The splashes of red blood on the zombies and on Michonne’s katana create […]

The Walking Dead Michonne Wall Banner

  The Walking Dead Michonne Wall Banner – 7 ft tall by 5 ft wide   Make a dramatic statement about your love for The Walking Dead and make it on your wall with this huge wall banner.  Make your home, dorm, or office look great while showing your support for AMC’s hit television show, […]

Michonne T-shirt – The Huntress

  Michonne T-shirt – “The Huntress” Walking Dead T-shirt   Look at this awesome Walking Dead inspired t-shirt. It’s your favorite katana wielding, hood wearing, pet zombie walking, walker slayer; Michonne! This gorgeous The Walking Dead inspired t-shirt features an image of Michonne’s likeness along with her pet walkers standing over an unlucky zombie corpse that’s […]