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Walking Dead BANG! card game

The Walking Dead BANG! Card Game: Survivor Showdown

“A Shoot ’em up game of strategy & suspense!” The Walking Dead Bang!: Survivor Showdown is a fun and fast paced shoot ’em up style card game. In this game, 3-7 players fight to stay alive as they guide their favorite characters from The Walking Dead comic. Each player plays as a well known TWD […]
Walking Dead gifts games

The Walking Dead Yahtzee

The Walking Dead Yahtzee Game   This awesome gift idea combines the zombie gore of The Walking Dead with the fun of everyone’s favorite dice game, Yahtzee. This collector’s edition comes with everything you need to play classic style or “Battle Yahtzee.”  The all new Battle Yahtzee game play transports you into a post apocalyptic […]
The Walking Dead Comic Board Game Walking Dead Gifts

The Walking Dead The Board Game (Comic)

The Walking Dead The Board Game   This Walking Dead board game is based off of the comic. It transforms Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series in a fun and fast paced board game.  As a fan of the comic, you’ll love the opportunity to play as your favorite character. Choose from Rick, […]