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Walking Dead Bedding

Curl up and relax with some Walking Dead bedding. You’ve got to stay warm, cozy and comfortable but that doesn’t mean you need to do it with boring old bedding. Fortunately for Walking Dead fans there are many Walking Dead bedding options available. You’ll find Walking Dead blankets that will allow you to get your beauty sleep and relaxation with items such as a Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon blanket, Walking Dead pillow cases and more!

Daryl Dixon Body Pillow Featured

Daryl Dixon Body Pillow

Daryl Dixon Body Pillow Have you ever wanted to snuggle up and take a nap with everyone’s favorite crossbow brandishing bad boy? Many fans share the desire to dream away the night with Daryl Dixon. Thanks to this officially licensed Walking Dead gift, you can! This large Daryl Dixon body pillow measures approximately 42 inches […]
Walking Dead Gift Daryl Dixon Crossbow Blanket

Daryl Dixon Crossbow Blanket

Daryl Dixon Crossbow Blanket Who wouldn’t like to cuddle up with Daryl Dixon? This super comfortable, super soft and warm fleece blanket features an image of Daryl Dixon getting ready to take aim with his crossbow. Behind him is an eerie pale gray forest tree line background. A large AMC The Walking Dead logo sits […]
Daryl Dixon Blanket Fleece Walking Dead All We Do Is Run Style

Daryl Dixon Blanket: All We Do Is Run

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Blanket Stay warm and comfortable with this Walking Dead Daryl Dixon blanket!  This soft fleece blanket features a black and white image of Daryl Dixon sitting on his chopper.  On the right side of the blanket, near the front of the motorcycle the phrase “All we do is run” is printed in white […]
Walking Dead blanket fish tank

Walking Dead Zombie Head Aquarium Fish Tank Blanket

The Walking Dead Governor’s Aquarium Fleece Zombie Fish Tank Blanket Few things in life make you want to cuddle up and get cozy like zombie heads on display in aquariums. Ok …maybe that’s only for The Governor. The Governor may have had an odd way of relaxing but we can’t judge someone on their hobbies.  […]
Walking Dead Gifts - Daryl Dixon Fleece Poncho Blanket

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Fleece Poncho Blanket

  Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Fleece Poncho Blanket   Whether you’re fighting zombie hordes in the dead of winter or just relaxing and watching new episodes of The Walking Dead, you need this Daryl Dixon poncho blanket.  This officially licensed Walking Dead gift is a comfortable fleece blanket poncho inspired by the very same Navajo style poncho […]