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Walking Dead Office Gifts

Add some Walking Dead zombie style to your office.

Walking Dead Zombie Head Paper Weight LED Fish Tank Paperweight

Walking Dead LED Fish Tank PaperWeight

Walking Dead Fish Tank LED Papwerweight Keep your papers from blowing around when the zombie apocalypse goes down.  You’ll be able to keep your desk all neat and tidy thanks to this gorgeous Walking Dead LED illuminated zombie head fish tank paperweight. You don’t need to be a crazy eye patch wearing mayor of a […]
The Walking Dead Walker Projector Pen

Walking Dead Walker Projector Pen

The Walking Dead Walker Projector Pen Cure boredom at home, work or school with this awesome Walking Dead Walker Projector Pen.  This officially licensed collectible is just an ordinary ballpoint ink pen at first glance.  Upon closer inspection fans will recognize the AMC The Walking Dead logo and images of walkers on the barrel. A […]
Zombie Head Letter Opener Walking Dead Gifts Michonne

The Walking Dead Zombie Head Letter Opener

The Walking Dead Michonne’s Sword Zombie Head Letter Opener Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  The bad news is the zombie apocalypse went down and the dead roam the earth. The Walking Dead threaten the very existence of the living.  The good news is the faithful Postal Service is still delivering bills […]