Daryl Dixon Fight The Dead Sleeveless T-shirt Muscle Tee

Daryl Dixon Fight The Dead Sleeveless t-shirt Walking Dead Gift front

Daryl Dixon Fight The Dead Sleeveless T-shirt with Angel Wings

If there’s one thing we’ve learned it would be Mr. Dixon isn’t fond of sleeves.  We’re guessing here, but It probably stems from those first days of battling the walking dead in the intense Georgia heat. That sun blazing overhead in the Peach State can cause some sweltering and stifling temperatures. Maybe it all started because sleeves are too hot. Then again, perhaps sleeves just restrict mobility. Maybe you just want to show off your guns. . . no matter the reason we’ve got the perfect Daryl Dixon Fight The Dead Sleeveless T-shirt for you.

This awesome black and white officially licensed Walking Dead t-shirt features an image of the man himself, Daryl Dixon, on the front. Daryl’s got someone (or someTHING) in the sights of his beloved crosswbow. That now famous “Fight the dead. Fear the living” tagline appears in large text on the right hand side. Below the tagline you’ll see the amc and The Walking Dead official logos. The back of this Daryl Dixon Fight shirt is just as cool as the front. On the back side you’ll see the angel wings from Daryl’s biker vest screen printed in large detail.

Daryl Dixon Fight Dead Fear the Living Sleeveless t-shirt Angel Wings Shirt Daryl Dixon Sleeveless T-shirt Walking Dead gifts

If you’re looking for the perfect Walking Dead gift for a Daryl Dixon fanatic,this is an awesome choice. It would most definitely be a welcome addition to any TWD fan’s wardrobe. These affordably priced high quality black t-shirts are constructed of 100% cotton and are available in sizes small through 2XL.

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Walking Dead Gifts Daryl Dixon Sleeveless T-shirt

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