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Walking Dead Omnibus Purse – Walking Dead Handbag

The Walking Dead – Omnibus Handbag Walking Dead Purse   If you’re searching for the perfect purse or zombie themed handbag, The Walking Dead Omnibus purse is the perfect solution. This gorgeous Walking Dead handbag features art from The Walking Dead Omnibus. This Zombie themed purse measures about 11 inches wide by 5 inches wide and […]
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Daryl Mixon – Daryl Dixon Minion T-Shirt

Daryl Dixon Minion T-shirt – Daryl Mixon   What do you get when Daryl Dixon is crossed with a minion? You get “Daryl Mixon” of course! This awesome Walking Dead inspired t-shirt features a fun image of The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon as a minion character.  Or is that a Minion represented as Daryl Dixon? […]

Walking Dead Family T-Shirt

The Walking Dead Family T-shirt Family is important.  In fact, for most of us it’s the most important thing in life.  Family is important even when it’s a rag tag family of survivors with clashing personalities roaming the countryside trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. This simple, yet beautiful Walking Dead design features a family […]
Walking Dead Gifts and Collectibles: Daryl Dixon motorcycle box set

Daryl Dixon Motorcycle and Action Figure Box Set – Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon Action Figure and Motorcycle Box Set     Crossbows may be quiet and stealthy, but motorcycles sure aren’t. We can’t fault Daryl for riding around in style on his awesome chopper.  We also can’t fault McFarlane Toys for bringing the very first vehicle into the Walking Dead action figure line.  They’ve hit yet […]
Walking Dead Michonne and pets Walking Dead Zombie Shirt

Walking Dead Michonne and Pet Zombies T-Shirt

  Michonne and Zombies T-Shirt   This  beautiful Walking Dead inspired  t-shirt is inspired by The Walking Dead’s hooded, katana wielding Michonne. This great Walking Dead gift is a comfortable black t-shirt featuring a white image of Michonne walking her pet zombies.  The splashes of red blood on the zombies and on Michonne’s katana create […]
Walking Dead Collectibles Daryl and Merle Dixon t-shirt Dixon Bros Walker Extermination T-shirt

Dixon Brothers Extermination – Daryl Dixon T-Shirt

  Dixon Brothers Extermination – Walking Dead Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon T-Shirt   Do suffer with a walker infestation in your home or community? Are swarms and hordes of the undead overrunning your personal sanctuary and making life miserable? Daryl and Merle Dixon are here to help!*  The Dixon Brothers Walker Extermination service provides quick, […]

The Walking Dead Wall Banner – Atlanta

  Walking Dead Wall Banner – Atlanta As everyone knows now, the city belongs to the dead now.  It’s just too bad Sheriff Rick Grimes didn’t know that before he rode into downtown Atlanta on horseback.  One of our favorite scenes from this hit TV series is the view of rick riding into Atlanta on […]

Walking Dead Wall Banner: Rick Grimes

  Walking Dead Wall Banner: Rick Grimes Do you love The Walking Dead in a big way?  Then show your love and support for The Walking Dead by displaying this massive Walking Dead wall banner in your home. This awesome Walking Dead  wall decoration is 100% poly and measures a huge 84″ wide and 60″ tall. To […]

The Walking Dead Michonne Wall Banner

  The Walking Dead Michonne Wall Banner – 7 ft tall by 5 ft wide   Make a dramatic statement about your love for The Walking Dead and make it on your wall with this huge wall banner.  Make your home, dorm, or office look great while showing your support for AMC’s hit television show, […]

The Walking Dead Wall Banner: Zombies

  The Walking Dead – Zombies Wall Banner 5 ft x 7ft   Show your support and love for television’s greatest show, The Walking Dead in a BIG BIG way. This9 100% poly Walking Dead wall banner measures a massive 7 feet tall by 5 feet across.  You’re sure to impress with this dramatic zombie wall banner.  This […]

Michonne T-shirt – The Huntress

  Michonne T-shirt – “The Huntress” Walking Dead T-shirt   Look at this awesome Walking Dead inspired t-shirt. It’s your favorite katana wielding, hood wearing, pet zombie walking, walker slayer; Michonne! This gorgeous The Walking Dead inspired t-shirt features an image of Michonne’s likeness along with her pet walkers standing over an unlucky zombie corpse that’s […]
Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Inspired T-shirt

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Inspired T-shirt – Hunter

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Inspired T-shirt   It’s not too hard to figure out Daryl Dixon is a true hunter and this Daryl Dixon inspired t-shirt proves it.  If he’s not hunting squirrels, or tracking someone then he’s hunting down and quietly eliminating hordes of Walkers with his crossbow and hunting knife. The Walking Dead’s […]