Walking Dead Cosplay Weapon: Michonne’s Katana

Michonne Walking Dead roleplay katana

Walking Dead Cosplay Weapon: Michonne’s Katana


If you’re putting together a Michonne cosplay costume on a budget, one of the most difficult parts is going to be her katana. Fortunately there are now highly detailed and very realistic officially licensed Walking Dead Roleplay Weapons available for purchase. Michonne’s Katana is one of our absolute favorites.

How can you NOT love Michonne? She helps keep the group in check. She walks around with former boyfriends and acquaintances as zombie pets. She takes time to appreciate fine art, crazy cheese, candy bars and comic books. She’s probably one of the best partners you could have in a zombie apocalypse. It’s no wonder so many people like putting together a Michonne costume. That task just got easier thanks to this this officially licensed Walking Dead roleplay weapon: an ABS plastic replica of Michonne’s original katana used on screen.

This roleplay weapon measures approximately 35 and a half inches long with the scabbard sheath. The scabbard features the required Walking Dead logo and 1″ brass D-rings for you to attach your own strap.

The katana itself weighs about 1.25 pounds and features a ton of detail. The blade features those iconic triple crescent symbols any true fan will immediately look for. The pommel has the repeating triquetra motif and they’ve even nailed the handle wrap with gold dragon design peeking through.

In other words you need this sword for your Michonne costume. This Walking Dead gift is affordably priced under $25.00 making it a great deal and a great addition to your collection or costume!


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