Walking Dead Roleplay Weapon: Merle Dixon’s Knife Hand

Walking Dead Roleplay weapon Merle Dixon

Walking Dead Roleplay Weapon: Merle Dixon’s Knife Hand


Spoiler alert: When you’re a jerk and a threat to the group’s safety, Rick Grimes WILL handcuff you to a pipe on a roof.  When a bumbling survivor loses the key and stuff hits the fan you’ll be faced with a tough decision.  Merle decide to put life over his limb and promptly hacked his way through his own hand in order to escape andsurvive.

As if that didn’t make him a big enough bad a**, Merle made the best of a bad situation and fashioned himself a fitting prosthetic perfect for the zombie apocalypse.

Fortunately fans don’t need to resort to such drastic measures for the perfect Merle Dixon cosplay outfit thanks to this Walking Dead Roleplay weapon.  This officially licensed Walking Dead Merle Dixon prop replica looks just like Merle’s knife hand.




This PVC prop replica features a handle inside for easy wear and handling.  It includes adjustable fake leather straps and a sliding bayonet that moves so it appears your blade is going into walker skulls and the bodies of your victims!

This Walking Dead prop looks a lot like the real thing, complete with wear, scratches and even some blood stains.  It measures approximately 22.5 inches long with the reproduction Mauser bayonet fully extended and around 21 inches with it retracted. The inner diameter measures about 13 inches for forearm room.

Grab this Walking Dead gift today and improve your Merle Dixon costume in the process. Priced under $25.00 it’s an affordable Merle Dixon gift anyone can afford!


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